April 12, 2010

My first post !!!

Ok, I’ve got a new toy ! I’ve finally created my own blog! Bear with me while I learn how to turn it into something amazing...
What do I want to talk about on my blog? Well, I think the name tells it all : quilts, quilting and quilt artists! Quilts are so much more than just blankets !
Thanks for joining me on my new journey!

Mon premier message!!!

Voilà, c’est fait, j’ai un nouveau jouet! Je viens de créer mon propre blog. J’espère en faire quelque chose de formidable…Pour cela, il me reste juste deux ou trois trucs à apprendre…
De quoi vais-je y parler ? Je crois que son nom ne laisse aucun doute là-dessus : il s’agira de quilts, de quilting et d’artistes textiles. Qui a dit que les quilts n’étaient rien d’autre que des couvertures ?
Merci de vous joindre à moi ! Embarquement immédiat !


  1. Holy Cow, Elisabeth, what a fabulous image to start your image with! Is this quilt one of your own designs? I look forward to seeing and reading more x

  2. Elisabeth,
    I know you are overflowing with wonderful information and love of quilting. I so look forward to your posts.
    Warmest regards,
    Jennifer (from Toulouse & Virginia)

  3. Congratulation Elisabeth! on your first blog post.

    Bravo for taking that first step - for dipping your toe in the water ... what a fantastic image too ... what's the story behind it ... can't help but ask, I am curious:)

    Yours in scanning,


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